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What we mean by… brochureware websites

What is a brochureware website?

Brochureware sites are pretty much like a brochure, but on a website. Imagine your brochureware website as a catalogue, providing all the information that your reader is looking for, but you can’t make purchases on them.

Your brochureware site should only have a few pages and contain only the most important and useful information, it is there to aid your engagement and sales process, not replace it. This allows your visitors to know the necessary information about your business in one hit.

In our world, we are thinking about pages that show off the rewards you offer, any other benefits of your campaign and the key information that helps your campaign operate, e.g. support contact details, terms and conditions, etc.

What else to think about?

There are loads of different benefits to using a brochureware site as part of your loyalty program or rewards campaign. You are able to create something that sits outside of your main website, which could make it easier to build and maintain. You then have a place that can be customised to fit the campaign without compromising the branding of your main site.

Remember to make sure that it can be accessed via most digital medias like desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Approach it with the same attitude that you approach developing your main brand site but remember that you might well need to factor in the user account for the campaign, which might not be connected to the account that you hold for registered users on your main site.

If you have created it as a stand alone site away from your main site another benefit is that it will be easier to update. There’s no restraint on what time or how often you can update and edit your site, plus you will be able to switch it on and off when your activity ends/begins.

That’s great, what’s next?

First thing’s first, you need to know what you need on your site, just like any other website build project. Understanding what you want to share with users and also what they will be looking for is critical to your briefing.

In the case of loyalty schemes or reward programs, you will be thinking about the rewards you are offering, the campaign theme that everything is wrapped up in and the ultimate objectives of your activity.

As ever, user experience is important, you just have to think about it in relation to the reason that the site exists, to engage with your customers, drive engagement and show them what they can achieve if they participate.


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